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Announcing a New Ministry for Rosaryville's Holy Grounds...

Announcing a New Ministry for Rosaryville's Holy Grounds... - Home

Rosaryville's Cemetery: open to the public

Don't miss the pre-construction sale!

We are currently selling our first plots and we wanted you to know first. Because so many of us have enjoyed days and even years walking the holy and historic grounds of Rosaryville, we are excited to announce this unique opportunity. On behalf of the Dominican Sisters of Peace, we invite you to pray and consider this peace-filled place for yourself and your loved ones. Rosaryville has been blessed by the presence of religious and lay men and women in prayer for over one hundred years; our grounds are saturated with their prayer and peace. We invite you and your loved ones to find an eternal home on these grounds. The pre-construction plots are in ground only and cremation niches. Call today to make an appointment.

Offer valid until first 200 are sold! Tell a friend!

Suzette Callais, Director | Rosaryville Spirit Life Center | 225.294.5039 | |

Rosaryville Welcomes A New Chapel...

                 Rosaryville Welcomes A New Chapel... - Home

Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Chapel

In 1940, an Irish Dominican priest, Fr. John L Curran, O.P. served the Ponchatoula area as associate pastor at St. Joseph Catholic Church. His service broadened with his active involvement in World War II as chaplain for the troops. He provided a much needed spiritual link being a prisoner of war in the notorious Bataan Death March. Fr. Curran went to extraordinary lengths to secretly provide a source of worship and hope. Discovery of his efforts was punishable by death to all involved. He made a sacred pledge that if he were to survive, he would erect a chapel honoring the Mother of God.

Fr. Curran did survive and upon returning to the area, he enlisted the help of friends and neighbors to begin construction of Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Chapel in Manchac. Built of cypress, even using trestles from the Manchac bridge donated by the railroad, the promise was fulfilled as locals came to worship and celebrate in the small chapel dedicated to Our Lady.

The chapel became endangered due to weather and age. The Pugh family, friends of Fr. Curran, moved, restored and safeguarded the chapel on the their land in south Ponchatoula. The passing years and inactivity took their toll, and the third and final chapter of this chapel’s journey came when Rosaryville entered the picture.

This miraculous fulfillment of a dedicated priest’s pledge now resides in a beautiful retreat setting, thanks to the generosity and devotion of the Pughs. This little chapel has been given a new life and purpose by serving countless new generations that come to Rosaryville Spirit Life Center, as well as providing a place of serenity and cherished memories open to all.

You are invited to be part of the resurrection of Queen of the Most Holy Chapel. A brick walkway is planned and customized bricks may be engraved with your name or business, family, friend or in memory of a loved one.


Come Spend the Day at Rosaryville

Rosaryville offers you a place to retreat to hear the word that the Spirit of God is speaking to you today. God always speaks; we do not always hear because of the rush of daily living.

Take advantage of the following opportunities:
Come for a day or days of silent prayer by yourself.
Come for a day or days of silent prayer including spiritual direction.
Come for a weekend retreat either by yourself or with your group.
Come meet with a spiritual director to ascertain together how God is acting in your life.
Come for a directed retreat from 2 to 30 days. Thirty day retreatants have their own hermitage with a living room, kitchen and bedrooms.
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Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement - Home

The mission of Rosaryville Spirit Life Center is to provide opportunities for spiritual growth for individuals and groups. In a spirit of hospitality, Rosaryville offers its holy grounds as a nurturing environment to those seeking a deeper relationship with God, self, neighbor and all of creation.

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