Rosaryville Spirit Life Center Ponchatoula, LA

Come Spend the Day at Rosaryville

Rosaryville offers you a place to retreat to hear the word that the Spirit of God is speaking to you today. God always speaks; we do not always hear because of the rush of daily living.

Take advantage of the following opportunities:
Come for a day or days of silent prayer by yourself.
Come for a day or days of silent prayer including spiritual direction.
Come for a weekend retreat either by yourself or with your group.
Come meet with a spiritual director to ascertain together how God is acting in your life.
Come for a directed retreat from 2 to 30 days. Thirty day retreatants have their own hermitage with a living room, kitchen and bedrooms.
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Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement - Home

The mission of Rosaryville Spirit Life Center is to provide opportunities for spiritual growth for individuals and groups. In a spirit of hospitality, Rosaryville offers its holy grounds as a nurturing environment to those seeking a deeper relationship with God, self, neighbor and all of creation.

Rosaryville Spirit Life Center 39003 Rosaryville Rd Ponchatoula, LA 70454 (225) 294-5039
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